What do we do?

We are creative developers, who can look beyond conventional solutions. We are here to help you. To help you solve problems, make dreams come true, and to turn your ideas into solutions.

Some of our most recent successes

Augmented GIS

We've created our very own platform that combines powerful Mixed Reality and GIS data. This enables users of spatial and geographical data to interact naturally with their data in real life.

Machine learning & BI

By combining Machine learning and Business Intelligence, we've improved planning, production speed and quality while still reducing production costs for a leading production company.

Performance increase

We improved the performance of GE's medical tablet solution by 800%. We did this by using a fresh perspective, common sense and creative development.

Chicken Avocado Sandwich

We've grilled 2 slices of Focaccia bread. Spreaded some mayo and mustard. Added grilled chicken, fried bacon, iceberg lettuce. Some tomato, thin red onion slices and last but not least a nice ripe avocado.

Creativity is intelligence having fun!

Albert Einstein